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Ruger LCP II 2 Micro Pocket Holster

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Ambidextrous concealed pocket or purse carry for the Ruger LCP II. With a tight grip to avoid accidental release. Made with 0.060 Black Kydex, and riveted with an eyelet to maintain tension.


Ruger LCP 2

The sight section is open, and the underside of the trigger area has been relieved for a quick, smooth, secure draw without interfering with your grip. The holster is sized to match the Ruger LCP 2 perfectly. No more dangerous pocket carry! Cover that trigger guard!

Placing a lanyard, cord, or any other type of tether through the eyelet will allow you to maintain retention of the pistol, but with an easy tug release the pistol for use to neutralize whatever threat comes you way.
These are designed just for the folks that don't want to carry a full IWB leather holster, and would rather keep their pistols in a pocket, a purse, a briefcase, or any other sort off-body concealment.

What you receive
A single micro kydex holster for your Ruger LCP II
28 inches of 550 paracord


These are all hand made in the USA. All sales are final, except for severe defects in construction that are well documented, in which case I will repair the item, or replace it.
Need some adjustments to the retention? Send it back, I'll fix it for you, no charge.
These items are made by an American for Americans. I do not ship outside the USA.
What you see in the photo will be similar to the item you receive.
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Handling time is 3 days or less, however if you need this holster on a deadline, contact me right away and I'll make accommodations to rush the order and move you to the head of the queue.