Tread Softly Concealment Holsters

Velcro® Backed Holster (Heavy Duty) for Glock 26 27 33

Heavy Duty Velcro® Backed holster for the Glock 26, 27, and 33 line.

This uses a premium leather with the "hook" side of Velcro cemented and riveted to the back. There are no stitches to wear and break over time, and no thread to get frayed. A partially uncovered area remains on the back to allow for easy peeling and removal from the Velcro surface.

Plastic stiffener ensures that retention remains the same year after year for heavy duty use.

The sight section has been properly flared and the underside of the trigger area has been relieved for a quick, smooth, secure draw without interfering with your grip, especially when used in a confined area.

Useful for mounting on the inside of backpacks, purses, or mounting in cars, or bedstands.
This is for the holster ONLY. You will have to use your own "loop" Velcro mounting method.
Custom Velcro Backed Holster are available upon request.

These are all hand made in the USA. All sales are final, except for severe defects in construction that are well documented, in which case the item will be repaired or exchanged.
Need some adjustments to the retention? Send it back for free adjustment.
These items are made by an American for Americans.
I do not ship outside the USA.

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