Tread Softly Concealment Holsters

You're here because you're looking for a concealment solution for your pistol that's comfortable and affordable. Someone might have suggested a similar holster style but a 7 week waiting period is just unacceptable. Perhaps you have multiple carry weapons, spending over $90+ per holster is unreasonable.

Like you, we take carrying a concealed weapon very seriously. People like us took the time to do our research on the weapon we wished to carry. We train ourselves to draw, acquire sight picture, squeeze the trigger, reset, and go again. We spent time playing different scenarios out in our heads and at the range to ensure that we are prepared for a day when our life is on the line.

With this in mind, and as a fellow CCWer and firearm enthusiast, we've made changes to the way that we put together our holsters so that when you put this holster on every morning, it becomes a part of you as your own clothes. You'll train with it, you'll go to work with it, you'll shoot matches with it, and you'll know that you have a holster that will last you many years perfectly tailored to your weapon, and broken in to match your body.

Here are some specific issues that we address on our holsters.

  • We use metal rivets to secure the kydex to the leather. Other holster makers use Chicago Screws, or other types of adjustments that have the potential to come loose or can change the level of retention. When it comes to muscle memory, consistency is key. Once broken in this holster will draw the same as it did from week one, to year one.
  • We use a proprietary molding method to ensure absolute consistency from holster to holster in terms of fit and retention. There is no guess work...we don't adjust fit by "feel"... we know what it takes to get a proper balance between retention, smoothness of draw, and safety. Having a quality holster with a consistent draw is absolutely necessary when our very survival depends on it.
  • We use spring steel clips that will never break under normal use. Kydex based clips, like many plastic products will break over a period of type from constant flexing. Plastic clips are more prone to being damaged or affected by heat, and they are usually quite inconsistent from batch to batch due to their manufacturing method. Metal beats plastic when it counts.
  • Our clips have a lip that both makes it easy to lift when removing the holster from your belt, but also serves to secure the holster so that in a quick-draw situation, the weapon can be withdrawn without any worry that the holster is going to come out with it.

Another point that we personally believe in may be controversial. We have a very clear sense of American Pride. We are are Americans, we sell to Americans for the specific purpose of self defense and the expression of our Second and our First Amendment Rights as American Citizens.

We offer the most comfortable holster you'll ever wear. With options you'll find no where else, a turnaround time that beats many other holster makers, at a price you won't get anywhere else.

You won't be disappointed.