Tread Softly Concealment Holsters

You are investing in more than just a casual hobby. The decisions you make now can mean the difference between life and death.

Choosing a holster, especially for people new to carrying concealed, can be overwhelming. You have already waited months jumping through legal hoops for that permit, spent hundreds on finding just the right carry pistol...even more on practice and defensive ammo to hone your skills. Perhaps you have already attempted to use a cheap $20 neoprene style holster you picked off of the rack at your local gun shop, and when you started out, it was good enough. After a while, you're finding that it's just not comfortable or safe enough for every day carry. So you know you need something better. But the economy is still rough, and spending $100+ on a holster seems excessive. For these kinds of hybrid holsters, it is.


This guide will help you find the right holster to suit your needs, no matter what you wear or how you think you might want to carry.

Most concealed carry holsters can be sorted by several major categories and described in several ways.


Carry Location Pros Cons
Inside the Waist Band (IWB)

Excellent for concealment

Supported by belt and body to significantly reduce movement

Presses against the body

Slightly reduced access

Outside the Waist Band (OWB)

No contact with body

Ease of access

Severely reduced concealability

Supported by belt alone which could result in unwanted movement

Small of Back (SoB) Complete concealment when viewed from the front

Discomfort while seated

Difficult access that can cause the muzzle to sweep the body

Crossdraw Carry Allows for offside draw

Reduced draw speed

Reduced concealability

Appendix Carry Excellent concealment for small pistols

Discomfort while seated

Points muzzle directly at groin

Shoulder Carry Comfortable concealment while wearing a jacket

Unsupported lower portion will cause the holster to swing while walking

Requires jacket for concealment at all times

Pocket Carry Excellent for small pistols Reduces speed of draw
Ankle Carry Ideal for backup weapon

Extreme difficulty to access and support

Weight will affect gait


 Holster Material Pros Cons
Kydex-Leather Hybrid

Flexibility for comfort in contact with the body

Break in process will shape the leather to fit your body in a unique way

Rigid kydex does not collapse

Usually requires the holster to be worn to maintain retention

Leather may retain more heat on warm days

Kydex-Textile Hybrid

Flexibility for comfort in contact with the body

Rigid kydex does not collapse

Textiles stretch significantly over time which will affect retention

Less durable than leather

Full Kydex

Rigid kydex does not collapse or change retention over time

Ideal for consistency during heavy duty use

Rigid kydex does not conform to your body, and could cause chafing when worn IWB
Full Leather

Flexibility for comfort in contact with the body

Full leather ensures that there's nothing to break and will last decades with care

Flexibility can cause the trigger guard area to collapse which could lead to an inadvertent discharge

Usually very thick which can compromise concealment

Full Textile

Flexibility for comfort in contact with the body

Allows for one-size-fits-most designs

Little to no retention characteristics due to high flexibility

Often poor mounting solutions


Holster Style Pros Cons
Belt Clip Secure mounting to the belt to reduce movement Requires a stable belt to keep the holster in place.
Belt Slide Most secure belt mounting solution for OWB holsters Requires a very strong belt for this to be most effective
Paddle Extremely easy to mount and dismount May allow for shifting during movement
Pocket Extremely easy to use with no need for a belt Does not facilitate stable orientation of the pistol for quick drawing.



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