Tread Softly Concealment Holsters

Tread Softly Concealment Holsters produces high quality leather and kydex hybrid gun holsters for a fraction of the cost of other alternatives with a very reasonable turn around time. We've sold more than 1000 of these holsters in the few months of operation with a very positive reception.

Based in Tampa Florida, we've produced and sold over 2500 high quality holsters online and to friends and family. Our work is on par with holsters that sell for $120+ for less than half the cost in a fraction of the delivery time. We can Guarantee your satisfaction with our quality and our service.
We offer FREE adjustments (if necessary), and an excellent rate on one-off custom jobs for leather-kydex hybrid holsters, especially for uncommon pistols that are hard to find.

We're constantly developing kydex solutions for competition purposes, as well as for deep concealment both IWB and OWB. We have experience with designs for knives, flashlights, multi-tools and a number of other applications.

We welcome any questions, requests, and comments. Feel free to contact us directly for any questions concerning the status of your order.


Justin Moses