Tread Softly Concealment Holsters

XDS Single Point Carry Black Leather Holster

Inside the waist band (IWB) Single Point concealed carry holster for the XDS .45 acp line. (3-5 o'clock) Using Veg-Tanned cowhide, with burnished edges, and 0.060 Kydex.
The sight section has been properly flared and the underside of the trigger area has been relieved for a quick, smooth, secure draw without interfering with your grip. The single metal clip allows for some adjustment in angle, but is sufficient for most use.

The animal tends to have everything from scratches, insect bites, and other details that give it character and tells the story of the animal's life. Paying a premium for perfect leather is possible, but isn't necessary for an item intended for daily use.These are concealed holsters intended for comfort and durability. They'll be scuffed by drawing and holstering of your pistol, and they'll be discolored by the salt in your sweat and dirt over a period of time. Because of this, finding perfect leather for this application, especially at this price, isn't really practical for the cost.

These feel and handle the same, for less than half the price. This style holster is hands down, the most comfortable carry holster, tried and true.

These are all hand made in the USA. All sales are final, except for severe defects in construction that are well documented, in which case I will repair the item, or replace it.
Need some adjustments to the retention? Send it back, I'll fix it for you, no charge.
These items are made by an American for Americans. I do not ship outside the USA.
What you see in the photo will be similar to the item you receive.
Don't see what you need? Ask!

Handling time is 3 days or less, however if you need this holster on a deadline, contact me right away and I'll make accommodations to rush the order and move you to the head of the queue.