Tread Softly Concealment Holsters

TSConcealment Website Launch

Tread Softly Concealment started as the brainchild of two good friends that were fed up with paying unreasonable amounts of money for each new holster for our growing hobby. We were proud of our first attempts simply because it was a product that we made with our own hands despite the horrendous outcome. After the typical growing pains in development, TSC began to take off a little bit more in December of 2012, and now with more than 3000 holsters sold, we’re quite confident with our ability to provide a quality product to the market.
We have since expanded to multiple online venues – Gunbroker, Etsy, Ebay – and now in an attempt to give us options in the event of restrictive TOS agreements that are in constant flux. This should also give us access to more payment options as well as a central access point for customers to see new products without having to go through another portal.
After the initial growth spurt, based on customer feedback we developed a second generation design around the summer of 2013, most of which are the source of the photos used in the current listings. This has since evolved into a “third generation” design intended to improve the ease of draw and pistol fit. With literally hundreds of combinations, taking new product photos is a massive ongoing task that will take place over time.
As for this website, it seemed like there was plenty in the way of putting this together. From domain name blackmail and CSS glitches to advertising restrictions and quality leather supply issues, solutions had to be found and implemented in a way to ensure success in the future.
We found that there were two extremes when it came to starting an online site that could cripple a small business. Some try to start too big and go broke by hiring the top of the line designers without a customer base established to recoup the costs. Others, lacking any understanding of technology, bash together a page from scratch as some bizarre homage to 1993.
In an attempt to avoid both of these traps, it has taken quite some time and effort to build something that is attractive enough for first time visitors, and easy to navigate to find exactly what is needed.
Expect new product photos, new products, new services, new logos and branding over time. Of course, this is an ongoing process that will never end. If you spot something that simply doesn’t fit right, please let us know.
This has been a long time coming, and despite the hurdles, we’re finally ready.
Tread Softly Concealment

Written by Justin Moses — July 17, 2014

TSC Updates

New products and kits are in development, as well as new kydex color options.

Written by Justin Moses — June 22, 2013